Ostler: Hayne a jolt of excitement for a team in need

The 49ers have a potentially great and exciting playmaker on punt returns.

Two, they must figure out ways to get the opposing teams to punt.

With the lack of overall pizzazz in the 49ers’ camp and preseason, Hayne has received a lot of attention.

Maybe too much, in the eyes of head coach Jim Tomsula and the 49ers’ organization.

A new man in the NFL, especially someone who hasn’t played the sport, has dues to pay.

Not that the fans and players would know what that looks like.

Vernon Davis, until he shows something in real games, is lost at sea.

Exciting players excite their teammates.

Players get bored, too, and a big-play man can do a lot for team morale and performance.

On each of his five punt returns, he has broken at least one tackle.

Hayne is 6-foot-2 and 200 pounds — big for a fast running back and fast for a big running back.

In Australia, after scoring a rugby try (equivalent of a touchdown), Hayne would give fans the Hayne Plane, running around with his “wings” extended.

A lot of his exploits have come at the expense of players who will be driving beer trucks once the season starts.

In the Harbaugh glory days, the 49ers were a mysterious team because the coach ran his club like a secret cult, and many players went along with the shtick.

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